Slip resistance is measured in many different ways around the world. Published results can often be very misleading and inaccurate when related to “real world conditions”. All our footwear meets & surpasses SRC rating under the commonly used ISO EN20345:2011 but this is a very basic minimum requirement so we go much further by testing to a new Grip Rating Scheme developed by the UK Health & Safety Laboratory.

This test involves the use of a ramp which can be increasingly tilted until the person walking on it slips. A measurement, called the Coefficient of Friction, is taken at the point of slip and after a number of repeated tests involving different people, an average is determined and a “star” rating awarded to that footwear. Suregrip achieved 4* and Grip Wellingtons 5* which in simple terms means they will grip even on oily or greasy surfaces.

Slip resistance isn’t all about pure grip levels however; footwear must have a level of durability & wear resistance so it goes on working long after the initial issue. Suregrip outsoles typically last twice as long as other brands & go on achieving 4* performance throughout their life. It is important to be aware that not all outsoles can do this & often reduce to 2* or less after just a few weeks wear.  Because wellingtons are not expected to last as long as leather footwear, we deliberately make the rubber sole for our Grip Boots slightly softer thereby achieving 5* grip whereas our Suregrip Outsole has built in durability to provide greater longevity while still achieving 4* grip performance. It is important to understand these subtle differences in order to make the correct choice of footwear. 

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